Switch Ties, Wood
A&K Railroad Materials: Wood Ties
Browne & Bryan Lumber: Adobe Ties & Switch Timbers
Burke-Parsons-Bowlby: Switch Ties
L.B. Foster: Wood Ties
Gross & Janes: Wood Ties 
A&K Catalog
Kerr-McGee: Crossties, Switches and Bridge Timbers 
McCord Treated Wood: Treated Wood
H.P. McGinley: Industrial Hardwood  
Midwest Railroad Tie Sales/National Salvage & Service: Railroad Ties 
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Missouri Tie & Timber, Inc
Northwest Milling Co.: Wood Ties
Pohl: Ties & Timbers
Railquip: Azobe Hardwood Switch, Turnout, Diamond, Crossing And Bridge Ties
Scott Tie Company, Inc
Southern Indiana Wood Preserving: Treated Wood Products
The Tie Yard of Omaha: New Switch Ties
The Tie Yard of Omaha: Used Switch Ties
Webster Wood Preserving: Crossties and Switch Ties
Webster Wood Preserving: Treated Hardwood Tie Plugs
Western Tar Products: Crossties and Switches

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