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Obama Awards States $8 Billion for High-Speed Rail
Work on a high-speed rail network connecting U.S. cities is set to accelerate as President Barack Obama awards $8 billion in stimulus act high-speed rail funding to 31 states.
The president announced the long-delayed awards today in Tampa, Fla., where work is under way on a $1.25 billion high-speed passenger rail corridor between Tampa and Orlando.
Following up on his State of the Union pledge to create jobs, the president promised to “put people to work building high-speed rail lines.” The $8 billion will serve as a “down-payment” on 13 high-speed passenger rail corridors, the White House said.
Some of those rail lines will run along rail freight corridors, and freight rail networks could receive a considerable injection of infrastructure funding from the awards.
The Federal Railroad Administration has said much of the funds will go into existing freight lanes to add regular Amtrak passenger trains or speed up existing ones.
Under FRA guidelines, states receiving high-speed passenger rail funding will be required to have written agreements with any “host” freight railroads, said Edward R. Hamberger, president and CEO of the Association of American Railroads.
“This ultimately will help ensure that higher speed rail does not compromise the vital present and future role of freight rail in America’s economic recovery,” he said.
The $8 billion was slated for high-speed rail in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act last year. “Through the Recovery Act, we are making the largest investment in infrastructure since the Interstate Highway System was created,” Obama said.
One of the largest awards — $2.25 billion — goes to California to purchase right-of-way and construct track for a high-speed rail corridor. In the Midwest, $1.1 billion will be used to build a high-speed corridor linking Chicago and St. Louis, Mo.
- [1] William B. Cassidy, [2] The Journal of Commerce.
How ARC will help you get a share of the $8 Billion for High-Speed Rail.

President Obama made railroad workers his top job priority in the State of the Union speech with a $8 Billon dollar down payment for a lot of construction of the new rail system. “Through the Recovery Act, we are making the largest investment in infrastructure since the Interstate Highway System was created,” Obama said.

ARC sees the railroad industries in two segments, as Class 1 Railroads and Regionals, as well as large group railroads such as Rail America all being first tiers. The smaller group railroads, single shortline railroads and railroad contractors as second tier. Second tiers make up just a little more then half of all track workers. 

January 2010 Railway Age magazine just reported that Class 1 railroads presently have 33,561 track workers with an estimated additional 40,000 track workers working for second tier railroad track operations. Our 30-year-old railroad-consulting firm has called every second tier railroad track operation three times a year for the last three years.

The $8 Billion dollars for the high-speed rail is going through the FRA to the Class ones. The Class ones will draw down on the most experienced railroad track workers from the second tier smaller railroads and contractors.

I went through this personally in the beginning of my 38 year railroad career when in 1976, with only 2 years working for the former Norfolk & Western now Norfolk Southern, a Conrail recruiter came to me and others in 1976 saying "the government is giving money away and they are giving it away through Conrail".

The railroad industry typically does $40 billion per year in business. The $8 billion government investment while just a "down payment" is 20 % of the US Railroad’s annual business.

Over the next few years much like 1976, the US government intends to increase the railroad work force by at least 20,000 new railroad workers over the next few years.

Railroad Contracting... Video brought to you by AllenRailroad.Com. Training provided by ARC-Tech.Net. Rail Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operators... No matter how sophisticated modern railroad travel can be, the trains still run on rails. So there continue to be jobs for Rail Track Layers, just as ... 
John D. Boyd | Feb 2, 2010 3:16PM GM 
The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story
FRA would aim to recoup $50 million for its services in 2011
President Obama’s budget proposes to have the Federal Railroad Administration start charging for some of its safety inspection services, to bring in $50 million in fee income during the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.
The “railroad safety user fee” is intended, the budget said, “to help offset the costs associated with railroad safety inspectors and their activities.”
Obama also tucked in a request to spend $4.5 million for the FRA to hire 31 full-time equivalent new rail inspection and grant program workers.
A government spokesperson said the idea of a safety user fee has been around for some time, and was previously authorized but never put into the budget proposal. The FRA would have to develop a plan on how much to charge for what services, and introduce it through a formal rule-making process.
Up to now, the FRA has not charged user fees for its services. It does assess civil penalties for railroad infractions of agency rules, but those are paid directly into the federal treasury while the safety user charges would be a new fee income for the FRA.
The proposal comes as the president is injecting billions of dollars of new federal spending into the rail network to spur development of inter-city passenger rail service. Much of that money, both from an $8 billion stimulus program and an ongoing $1 billion continued yearly allocation, will go into existing freight railroad lanes to either add new passenger train service or improve average speeds where that service already operates.
John D. Boyd
The Railroad Industry is seriously short on experienced railroad workers and is turning to thousands of "Railroad Consultants" to train and manage railroad operation.  

Obama also tucked in a request to spend $4.5 million for the FRA to hire 31 full-time equivalent new rail inspection and grant program workers."  

If you have a few to 30 years railroad experience, now make tens of thousands of dollars providing Railroad Consulting services working from your home.    

Railroad Consultants are located around the country and have set up offices from home and manage others.  Retired Railroad workers work as "Railroad Consultants," can make their maximum every month that the Railroad Retirement Board allows in a few days a week or less. Make phone calls from home and travel a lot or very little depending on what type of work you are interested in.  

Newer railroad workers train to become "Railroad Track Safety Inspectors", "Locomotive Inspector" and other Railroad Consulting services that are dispatched by "Railroad Consultants". 

Now get paid as you learn. Work as a "intern" to a Railroad Track Safety Inspector for Allen Railroad Consulting the parent company of this web site which has been performing track safety inspection for 35 years. "Track Inspector" program gives you up to 3 months PAID On The Job Railroad Track Safety Inspector Management Training Program. Put in your new Track Inspection Portfolio 40+ track safety inspections per month for industry and railroad nationwide.  Qualified Track Safety have starting salaries of from $50-65K per year. 

Please read and then fill out Job Application below                   Q&A's

Please don't fill out the Job Application below if you are not willing to be trained at your own cost...................

The Federal Government in invest Billions of dollars to create 10,000 new railroad workers jobs over the next couple of years starting at $45,000 per year. With 15 million Americans out of work the railroad industry has plenty of workers to choose from. You will be required to to be trained and certified to work on the railroad track likely at your own cost. Hiring railroad companies provide up to 3 months on the job training but in most cases does not provide certification. The railroad industry has more then 20 railroad training providers (see list of training providers @ 



ARC-Tech.Net also owned by Allen Railroad Consulting offers training as a option to get you ahead of others standing in line for very good paying railroad work. ARC-Tech.Net can only charge a fee for training for railroads and contractors. ARC-Tech.Net provides training at no cost when you subscribe to RailroadJobs.Biz "list your railroad resume for life" service. Common sense tells us no training or railroad placement company, nor any individual person can guarantee you a job, having some skills and training is required. 

RailroadJobs.Biz has been receiving a record number of applications and we make every effort to personally contact each and everyone who takes the time to provide us with a little information about themselves by filling out the application below.  If you don't hear from us in a few days, please contact us @ 606-663-4700

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Now Railroad Consulting Support staff earn from home

The way finances are these days and the shear nature of the railroad industry being a national industry it’s hard to go to an office everyday. Everyone should be able to participate in the Railroad Industries pending good fortune. There is a number of home based contract positions available where you work from home accessing company files online and using company provided telephone and other opportunities.

Allen Railroad Consulting and AllenRailroad.Com are currently looking for office personnel for market research and development.  

RailroadJobs.Biz, ARC-Tech.Net and RailroadTraining.Biz are all looking for Personnel Management


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